The Down on the Farm Studio

by the Ford Family

Color through the holidays with the critters that call the farm home!

List of Illustrations

A Wreath Roost – Zephyr and Aurora the Cardinals

A Grand Sight – Cecil the Horse Admiring the Decorations

This is a Good Story – Audie the Sheltie Puppy

Rehearse or Sound Worse – Red Knight the Rooster

Mother Duck’s Nest – Port the Duck

Tuning the Instruments – Blackberry the Bunny and Tater the Turkey

Goat Kid Mountain – Mussette and Hornpipes on Hay Bales

A Quilt for Grandma Duck – Starboard the Duck

Kitty Crafting – Kittens Fiddle and Cello Play with Ribbons

Destuffing the Stockings – Elkinie the Goat

“Checking” the Naughty List – Hornpipes the Goat

A Noble Knight Guarding the Castle – Blueberry the Bunny

Curiosity for Christmas – Sterling the Squirrel

Homemade Ornaments – Claire the Chick

Christmas Trees are for Nesting – Isabella the Hen with Andreas and Ferdinand the Chicks

Encore – Clara the Mouse, a Rocking Horse, and Music Boxes

A Christmas Light – Tapper the Cardinal Looking Through the Window to Caterpillars on a Lantern

Guarding the Flock – June the Lamb with Stuffed Lion Toy

Down the Stairs – Penny Whistle the Cat

Muley Christmas – Flap Ears and Tumbleweed the Mules

Checking the Pantry – Scout the Duck and Squeaky the Mouse

Joy to the World – Baby Abby the Cow and Baby Sarah the Calf

Peace on Earth – Audie the Puppy and Cecil the Horse

Goodnight to All – Critters Camping Under the Christmas Tree

This coloring collection, as with all of Lisa’s coloring books, is available in three editions:

  • Two printed book editions are available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book stores.
    • A Left-handed Edition features the same coloring pages on the left page when the book is opened to two pages.
    • A Right-handed Edition features coloring pages on odd pages, or the right page when the book is open.

These options allow the colorist to choose whichever edition allows the coloring hand freedom to express best by placing the spine, or binding opposite the coloring hand. Coloring Page Illustrations are on one side of the paper with the page title if faded gray in case you want to cut out or take apart the book to color, frame, or share.

  • A printable digital download edition is sold via our Etsy Shop in PDFs. PDFs are the easiest format to combine pages and most devices have access to free PDF readers, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. We have options for the complete collection, sets of 4 coloring pages together, and some individual pages. These files once downloaded can be printed on the paper of your choice. The full collection comes with the Title Page, copyright page, and other extra pages in case you want to bind your own book, put your pages in a album, or just organize them together. The extra pages also have extra coloring fun.

Published on Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Book/Coloring Page Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Coloring Pages: 48 (plus extras on other pages)

Different Illustrations: 24

Buy either printed book edition from Amazon at the following picture links:

Amazon also offer a “Look Inside” Previewer to see the Title Copyright, and a few other pages. A Mini Preview of all 24 images in on the back cover as well.


Printable Digital Downloads available in our Etsy Shop!

Full Collection or 6 of sets of 4 Coloring pages

Coloring Page Sample Here