‘Tis the Season A Christmas Ornaments Coloring Book

’Tis the Season for Coloring!

Break out the pencils and get ready to decorate this book for the Holidays.

There are over 225 different Christmas Ornaments and Decorations to color in this collection, plus some extras in addition to the coloring pages.

There are old-fashioned blown glass bulbs, classic Christmas bulbs, stained glass pieces, Celtic Knots, mini song books, hand-painted egg shells, cute little critters, words, snowflakes, and stars galore.

Rocking horse ornaments decorate our tree, so of course there are a few in this collection.

There are bulbs with patterns and shapes, some of Lisa’s original artwork designs on bulbs, and a “Peace on Earth” page with an Earth and a Moon bulb.

There is also a fairy and a unicorn and even a dragon!

There are 48 coloring pages total, 2 copies each of 24 different illustrations, which makes over 500 ornaments to color plus a few extras on other pages, such as candy canes on the table of contents page.

With a variety of pages this book or the printables could even be used as a coloring advent challenge by coloring a picture a day.

If you are extra crafty and good with scissors add some more fun by cutting out the ornaments and decorate a paper tree or card. And if you do let us know!

May the Christmas Spirit bring you joy this season and Happy Coloring!


This coloring collection, as with all of Lisa’s coloring books, is available in three editions:

  • Two printed book editions are available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other book stores.
    • A Left-handed Edition features the same coloring pages on the left page when the book is opened to two pages.
    • A Right-handed Edition features coloring pages on odd pages, or the right page when the book is open.

These options allow the colorist to choose whichever edition allows the coloring hand freedom to express best by placing the spine, or binding opposite the coloring hand. Coloring Page Illustrations are on one side of the paper with the page title if faded gray in case you want to cut out or take apart the book to color, frame, or share.

  • A printable digital download edition is will soon be available again in PDFs. PDFs are the easiest format to combine pages and most devices have access to free PDF readers, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. We have options for the complete collection, sets of 4 coloring pages together, and some individual pages. These files once downloaded can be printed on the paper of your choice. The full collection comes with the Title Page, copyright page, and other extra pages in case you want to bind your own book, put your pages in an album, or just organize them together. The extra pages also have extra coloring fun.

Published on Friday, November 8, 2019

Book/Coloring Page Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Coloring Pages: 48 (plus extras on other pages)

Different Illustrations: 24

Buy either printed book edition from Amazon at the following picture links:

Amazon also offers a “Look Inside” Previewer to see the Title Copyright, and a few other pages. A Mini Preview of all 24 images in on the back cover as well.


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