The Down on the Farm Studio

by the Ford Family

Unfortunately Etsy is, once again requiring more information from US Sellers. Over the years they have required A LOT of not only personally identifiable information and business information, but way too much financial information. 

With access to third party financial accounts, such as PayPal, credit card companies, and banks they really do not need social security numbers and a plethora of other information that no other online organization has in one location. It’s a security risk at best.

After a new account information change was required, our family asked for clarification before proceeding. We have been wary of Etsy having all this information for years. Due to some very strange reason, even just for a general help/support ticket, they require a social security number AND credit card number. This is unsafe, considering a help ticket can be accessible by just the link without logging in, and more like the behavior of the nasties ruining the internet for other folks.

After a family discussion we put our shop on hold and are considering other options for making our digital downloads accessible. If you folks have any suggestions or are interested in printable copies of Lisa’s coloring books in the meantime, please e-mail us.

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes, but we just don’t support these unsafe business practices by Etsy. Nor do we support requiring so much from certain sellers with little concern for buyers.

There have been many other issues on Etsy, such as hindering shops that don’t utilize ”FREE Shipping”… which is impossible when a shop only has digital download listings, to having mass produced items from corporations posing as handmade.

After nigh on a decade of having a shop, we are reluctantly closing our shop and seeking a better method. Please contact us for more info or check back soon.

As always, Lisa’s coloring books are still available from Amazon and other book stores and our social media content is still at the same locations.