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On this page you shall find a variety of coloring pages and games available as digital downloads in PDF format. Most devices can use PDFs and all the files are printable. There are exclusive coloring pages made just for you folks, including for the holidays, as well as coloring page samples from books by Lisa Marie Ford.

There are a variety of original games as well, including word searches.

These are available to anyone for FREE, but just please respect the terms below and copyrights.

These make great activities for snow days or sick days, crafting get-togethers, coloring parties, or just ’cause.

How this works is easy and fun: print the page, color, and enjoy! Repeat as necessary.


Black should be the only color of ink/toner that you require to print this page. The image is at 300dpi. I personally use a laser printer. I recommend avoiding soy inks/dyes as soy fades easily and for the allergic the smell is a serious issue. You need not print this info page.


You may print this item as many times as you like for personal use or gifting only. You can print pages and share them with friends and family but the downloaded file may not be shared from device to device. If you have a coloring party or class please tell folks about us and tell us about the event. Pics would be great! You may also photograph your colored or painted copy to share online; please tag #ColorPicsByLis so we can see it too!

If you have a YouTube Channel, blog, or website and wish to color/feature/review please do! Please give proper credit (such as “line art by Lisa Marie Ford from The Down on the Farm Studio”) as well the necessary links to our website; in the description or your blog post.

This Digital Download/File is intended to be used by the original purchaser only and may not be mass produced or distributed. Reselling the file or printed product, or sharing the digital file are not allowed. You may not use them in your own creations for sale. Digital altering or copying of image is not allowed. Do not use our original works as a logo. If you see any of our works elsewhere, please let us know!

Please contact us for any questions, concerns, or licensing.

Copyright belongs to the original artist, Lisa Marie Ford (a.k.a. “Lis”) of The Down on the Farm Studio. Downloading this sample does not transfer ownership nor copyright.

Thank you kindly for understanding!


Down on the Farm life is full of adventures, stories, smiles, and laughter and the barnyard is full of silly and cute critters. Our creative works are inspired by Nature and Nature’s Curiosities and a lot of imagination, as well as our farming family history.

If you enjoyed this please check out our YouTube channels, books, stories, art, and more. May the puppies not chew up your pencils, the kitties not paw paint around the house, and the goats not eat your paper. Have fun and happy printing and coloring!

The Ford Family and all the silly Critters

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Preview Image Coloring Pages Info Printable Sheet

Printable Coloring Pages

Just click on the preview image to open the PDF or right click and save link as to save the PDF to your computer.

Free for personal use.

Preview image of Audie and Bagpipes Coloring Page Old Fashioned Daffodils Coloring Page

Preview Image for Halloween Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin Coloring Page by Lisa Marie Ford Preview Image for Christmas Tree Coloring Page Christmas 2015 by Lisa Marie Ford Preview Image for Christmas Tree Coloring Page Christmas 2017 by Lisa Marie Ford Preview Image for Merry Christmas Farm 2017 Coloring Page by Lisa Marie Ford

Printable Sample Coloring Pages from Lisa’s Published Coloring Books

(available in both Left-Handed and Right-Handed Editions as well as digital downloads)

Many Meetings: A Nature’s Curiosities Coloring Collection

Preview image for Many Meetings Sample Coloring Page by Lisa Marie Ford

Bunny hiding in Pansies

To the Sky: A Hot Air Balloons Coloring Book

Preview image for To The Sky Sample Coloring Page by Lisa Marie Ford

Hot Air Balloons in flight with clouds in the distance

A Critter Christmas Coloring Book

Preview Image for A Critter Christmas Sample Coloring Page by Lisa Marie Ford

“A Christmas Light – Tapper the Cardinal Looking Through the Window to Caterpillars on a Lantern”

Autumn Colors Coloring Book

Preview Image of Autumn Colors Sample Coloring Page by Lisa Marie Ford

“A Mushroom Gathering”

Trinkets and Doodads Coloring Book

Printable PDF of Sample Page from Trinkets and Doodads

“Fancy Patterns Trinkets and Ornaments”

‘Tis the Season A Christmas Ornaments Coloring Book

Printable PDF Sample Page from 'Tis the Season A Christmas Ornaments Coloring Book by Lisa Marie Ford

“‘CHRISTMAS’ Mini Bulbs, Holiday Favorites Bulbs”

Find more information about these books as well as links to buy

the printed books or printable downloads in our Coloring Section.

Printable Games

Printable Farming Word Search Game Printable Winter Word Search Game Printable Spring Word Search Game