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by the Ford Family

Humpback Whales Dancing under Auroras Photoshop Painting for Whale Day 2019

Humpback Whales breach under an Aurora filled sky Illustration

This illustration of Humpback Whales breaching under the Aurora Borealis filled sky portrays a cow and calf jumping out of the water as other whales in the distance swim, breach, or even just peek out of the water: a dance of the great mammals under a starlit sky glowing with Auroras.

This picture was painted in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and its Pro Pen with a variety of brush; my own, standard Photoshop brushes, and water brushes created by Aaron Blaise, a wonderful artist and art guide, and can be found on his site over at

This piece was created for and on World Whale Day 2019 (Saturday, February 16th) and is part of the Starlight Safari Collection, a series of illustrations created on certain days of the year that honor and raise awareness for animals; such as Whale Day. The World Wildlife Days Challenge I (Lisa) set myself is to paint the featured creatures on the day and try to release a video of the painting process as well. For 2018’s Whale Day Narwhals were featured. 2019 features Humpback Whales, but similar aurora colors were chosen so maybe the same Geomagnetic Storm passes over both kinds of whales.

If you enjoy watching painting process videos (we sure do) the video is on our new YouTube art channel: