Pandas in a Tree Digital Illustration for Panda Day 2018

Panda Day is a special day dedicated to those adorable giant pandas and raise awareness of the endangered status. This illustration shows a cold and frosty night in the mountains under a moonlit sky, where a panda is helping her young cub to climb a tree.

This was painted as part of our World Wildlife Days Challenge using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq, and is also part of the Starlight Safari Collection. 

The brushes I used for the snow, frost, and some of the hair were created by Aaron Blaise and can be found with a plethora of goodies and tutorials over at where I bought mine.

A timelapse video set to music can be watched via our YouTube Art Channel (It was originally uploaded to our first channel):

The timelapse speeds up the screen-recording many times, condensing hours to a few minutes.