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by the Ford Family

Tag: Hippos

  • Predawn Scene of Hippos by River Photoshop Painting for Hippo Day 2019

    Hippo Day 2019 Illustration of a Cow and Calf under a twilight sky

    In the twilight light before dawn a hippo calf and cow eat not far from the water’s edge as the stars and moon shining brightly in the sky. This illustration was painted in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and its Pro Pen as part of the Starlight Safari Collection on Friday, February 15th […]

  • Baby Hippo and Mama Digital Painting for Hippo Day 2018

    Hippo Day Painting of a Baby Hippo and Cow for Hippo Day 2018

    Happy Hippo Day!  This painting of a hippopotamus family watching shooting stars under a moonlit sky was created on February 15, 2018 on and for Hippo Day as part of the Starlight Safari Collection…. a series of wildlife paintings for and created on specific World Wildlife Days. So far the paintings are created digitally and feature […]