The Down on the Farm Studio

by the Ford Family

Tag: Starlight Safari

  • Tiger Twilight – Tiger Day Photoshop Painting

    A tiger and her two cubs on a rock ledge in the mountains at moonset, just after sunset.

    Under bright clouds reflecting the sun’s light, a Siberian Tiger and her two cubs have some quality family time just after sunset on a rock in the mountains. Maybe Mama is laughing, or maybe she is trying to sleep but the kids are wide awake. ;0) This painting was created in Adobe Photoshop with a […]

  • Panda and Cub on Snowy Mountain Digital Painting

    Today is Panda Day! A special day dedicated to those adorable and silly giant pandas. This is picture of a Panda Mama and cub on a snowy mountain at night under a moonlit sky is also part of the Starlight Safari Collection and was painted as part of our World Wildlife Days Challenge using Adobe […]

  • Polar Bear and Cubs Digital Painting for International Polar Bear Day 2019

    a Polar Bear Cub meets his reflection

    On a bright moonlit night a polar bear cub meets his reflection, but his sibling finds reflective ice just too scary and runs back to mama to hide. In honor of and on International Polar Bear Day 2019 this digital painting of a Polar Bear and her cubs was painted in Adobe Photoshop using a […]

  • Humpback Whales Dancing under Auroras Photoshop Painting for Whale Day 2019

    Humpback Whales breach under an Aurora filled sky Illustration

    This illustration of Humpback Whales breaching under the Aurora Borealis filled sky portrays a cow and calf jumping out of the water as other whales in the distance swim, breach, or even just peek out of the water: a dance of the great mammals under a starlit sky glowing with Auroras. This picture was painted […]

  • Predawn Scene of Hippos by River Photoshop Painting for Hippo Day 2019

    Hippo Day 2019 Illustration of a Cow and Calf under a twilight sky

    In the twilight light before dawn a hippo calf and cow eat not far from the water’s edge as the stars and moon shining brightly in the sky. This illustration was painted in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and its Pro Pen as part of the Starlight Safari Collection on Friday, February 15th […]

  • Zebra Day 2019 Digital Painting

    Zebra Mare standing with her foal under a starlight sky

    This Mama and Baby Zebra (Zebra mare and foal) illustration was painted in honor of those dizzyingly adorable equids we all love for Zebra Day 2019. Each Starlight Safari Illustration is painted for a specific World Wildlife Day, such as International Zebra Day, which is January 31st every year. Research is done about each creature […]

  • Mountain Lion with Cubs Digital Illustration for World Lion Day 2018

    This cloudy scene features a  mountain lion and her three clubs playing on a rocky ledge while a storm is brewing. This digital painting was created for World Lion Day 2018. The scene was thought of with Pennsylvania in mind, but also might apply to other places in North America where cougars or painters are […]

  • Giraffe Mother and Baby Digital Illustration for Giraffe Day 2018

    In the twilight before dawn a mother giraffe bends her long neck to kiss her baby. Watch the painting process (sped-up to show quicker than the hours long painting) while listening to music over on our YouTube Chanel: * * * * * * * Favorite and Essential Digital Drawing Pen and Display, used to […]

  • Pandas in a Tree Digital Illustration for Panda Day 2018

    Panda Day is a special day dedicated to those adorable giant pandas and raise awareness of the endangered status. This illustration shows a cold and frosty night in the mountains under a moonlit sky, where a panda is helping her young cub to climb a tree. This was painted as part of our World Wildlife […]

  • Polar Bear Family with Auroras Digital Painting for International Polar Bear Day 2018

    A Polar Bear with two cubs plays under a night sky

    The illustration was drawn on and for International Polar Bear Day 2018 and is part of the Starlight Safari Collection. Two little bear cubs play with mama Bear under a bright moonlit sky with Aurora Borealis in the distance above the ice fields in the background. The first cub runs around and jumps in front […]