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by the Ford Family

Tiger Twilight – Tiger Day Photoshop Painting

Tiger Twilight – Tiger Day Photoshop Painting

Under bright clouds reflecting the sun’s light, a Siberian Tiger and her two cubs have some quality family time just after sunset on a rock in the mountains. Maybe Mama is laughing, or maybe she is trying to sleep but the kids are wide awake. ;0)

This painting was created in Adobe Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq 13HD using my own custom brush for painting the original shapes, as well as a standard PS brush for soft details to give a bit of depth, and a few brushes created by Aaron Blaise over at used to details on the rocks, mountains, and especially all the hair.

International Tiger Day was on July 29th, and I did start this painting then, as part of my World Wildlife Days Challenge… but it did take me a few more days to finish and edit the video. This illustration is a part of the Starlight Safari Collection as well.