The Down on the Farm Studio

by the Ford Family

Author: The Ford Family

  • Lessons of the Ages Passed Down Through the Generations

    Imagine if you can a time of unseen danger; and the consequences of which are beyond your control. A situation you find yourself in, not knowing what to do. You search for answers and are left with more questions. You are not alone. Every generation, every nation, and every family at one time has been […]

  • Cardinal Feather Fluff Competition Painting of a Coloring Page

    This painting was created in Procreate using an iPad with Apple Pencil, my second time creating something with this new set. This is painted from original line art drawn a few years ago and featured in my first coloring book, “Many Meetings: A Nature’s Curiosities Coloring Collection” which is available in print and well as […]

  • Sheltie New Year

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year. “Wake me when the cheese ball drops… on the floor” a silly puppy illustration of how a certain Sheltie rang in the New Year. This is my (Lisas’s) first doodle in Procreate using an iPad and Apple Pencil. It did not come out quite as planned, but […]

  • A Critter Holiday Greeting Digital Painting

    Our Barnyard Family (cow, goats, bunny, puppy, kitties, ducks, rooster, and horse)

    A Critter Holiday Greeting illustration features our barnyard family: Baby Sarah the cow, Penny Whistle the kitty, Elkinie the goat, Hornpipes the goat, Blackberry the bunny, Audie the puppy, Fiddle the kitty, Scout the duck, Port and Starboard the Grandma Ducks, Red Knight the Rooster, and of course, Cecil the horse. The Christmas Season is […]

  • The Pumpkin Mice Digital Illustration from my Coloring Page

    Perhaps you’ve heard of Pumpkin Spice but have you seen “The Pumpkin Mice?” This picture stars three mice, deer mice in particular, in the pumpkin patch during a foggy evening. The pumpkin is still just a tad green and so are the vines, but they’re still inspecting to see when harvest time will be. I […]

  • Sloth Day Digital Painting – Three-Toed Sloth Mama and Baby

    Slow moving and very silly, three-toed sloths are surely unique critters. This Mama and Baby Sloth hang out in the treetops as the moon rises in this illustration painted for Sloth Day. This picture is part of the “Moonrise Memories Collection.” I used Adobe Photoshop CC with a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and it’s Pro Pen […]

  • Mommy And Me – Moonrise Reflections – African Elephants Digital Painting

    An elephant cow and calf digital painting

    An elephant calf and cow look at their reflections, together, at the edge of the water in the soft shade of trees. A watering hole can be many things, including a meeting place, but under the shade of the tress and with the evening light just so it can be a mirror between generations. This […]

  • Catching The Light – African Lions Digital Painting

    An African Lioness and her three cubs

    Three silly lion cubs play and snuggle around and on Mama Lioness on a hill, catching the light dapples coming through the shadows of brush and trees as the moon rises in the sky. This is “Catching the Light” though the littlest cub on top would rather be called “Lion King of Mama Mountain!” This […]

  • Tiger Twilight – Tiger Day Photoshop Painting

    A tiger and her two cubs on a rock ledge in the mountains at moonset, just after sunset.

    Under bright clouds reflecting the sun’s light, a Siberian Tiger and her two cubs have some quality family time just after sunset on a rock in the mountains. Maybe Mama is laughing, or maybe she is trying to sleep but the kids are wide awake. ;0) This painting was created in Adobe Photoshop with a […]

  • Seeing Yellow: Forsythia Bushes Video

    Preview of Seeing Yellow Forsythia Bushes YouTube Video

    Following robins, crocuses, and daffodils forsythia bushes are beautiful blooming Heralds of Spring that brighten warming days around the farm. These heirloom shrubs were planted generations ago and are a welcome delight to insects and photographers alike. They often beat the dandelions to bloom, as they did this year, helping bees and other pollinators starting […]