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Baby Hippo and Mama Digital Painting for Hippo Day 2018

Baby Hippo and Mama Digital Painting for Hippo Day 2018

Happy Hippo Day! 

This painting of a hippopotamus family watching shooting stars under a moonlit sky was created on February 15, 2018 on and for Hippo Day as part of the Starlight Safari Collection…. a series of wildlife paintings for and created on specific World Wildlife Days. So far the paintings are created digitally and feature a family with an adult and baby and set with at least one star in the sky background.

Naturally, baby hippos are cute and silly and I have been wanting to attempt a piece featuring hippos….okay…and well we just happen to be addicted to Baby Hippo videos (Yep, gotta Love Fiona!)

This illustration was created using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Cintiq 13HD with its Pro Pen. The hippos and other details were created using my own custom brush. Some of the water, fog, and sky were created using water and cloud brushes created by the ever-awesome Aaron Blaise. And they can be found at

A timelapse video set to music by Kevin MacLeod is over on our Art YouTube Channel:

The video was originally completed and published on February 15, 2018 (the same day the painting was created) on our first channel, then re-released on our Art Channel on Friday, February 15th as we move our art videos over to their new home.