The Down on the Farm Studio

by the Ford Family

“Carrot Kisses and Silly Snuggles” is the eighth book in “the Critters That Call the Farm Home” Series by Lisa Marie Ford

Critters are characters and our farm has known some of the silliest, brattiest, and cutest.

Carrot kisses and Silly Snuggles are two poems about the many ways Critters show they care, even when they are chomping corn into your hair or stepping on your toes.

No matter how much trouble they cause, we still love ’em anyway.

Also features plenty of pictures of some of the cutest camera hams in the barnyard: horses, calves, goat kids, kitties, a puppy, a lamb, chicks, ducklings, and more.


And of course the cover features that Charming Horse, Cecil.

Baby Betty Ann, Baby June, and Baby Lilly Mae are the calves on the back cover named for three Great-Aunts we know.


8.5″ x 11″ Saddle-stitched Paperback Books, Full Color, 26 pages
Self-Published by The Down on the Farm Studio (currently short runs)

Made in the USA


Released September 20, 2014