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by the Ford Family

Conneautville Tornado Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Conneautville Tornado Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 brought several funnel clouds and tornadoes to Crawford County, Pennsylvania, and multiple tornadoes across the Commonwealth and into New England.

This is the first video showing one confirmed tornado, possible a second, as well as funnel clouds, part of which damaged Rolling Fields Nursing Home off Route 198 in Conneautville as seen from our farm.

Before this formed another funnel cloud was just North of our house and later formed into a tornado East of here.

The tornado had at least a funnel cloud brother rotating in tandem along a similar path. When it was nearing the ground, however, I was not filming. Then it seemed to recede some and eventually slowed, maybe feeding the other. We did have some rotation directly overhead, but it did not form into a funnel cloud at our house. We did get leaves and later I realized those were not leaves from our trees. It appeared heading for us, but changed to go a little South of us. It eventually crossed our road, about a mile South of our house by one of the fields we farm.

The path tore through many neighbors properties and a couple of our fields, depositing debris in the woods and fields as well.

I am a NOAA volunteer, have been since I was a teenager, and called the tornado and funnel clouds in as a Skywarn Spotter and also called WJET-TV 24 to tell the Toms (meteorologists) and help the team know what was happening. During those times I did not film as calling was more important. I was filming handheld and did not have time to get the tripod.

About an hour after this storm Dad and I were going to check on family and backtrack the storm to survey damage and check on folks when we and our vehicle were hit by lightning, twice, within three seconds. This was rather out of the blue and preceded another system moving in. Dad got hit directly and my Nikon took the brunt of it for me as I got hit indirectly… I watched tendrils come out of it and into my hands. Yes, it hurt.