The Down on the Farm Studio

by the Ford Family

Here are some answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not see your question here please feel free to ask us via e-mail and we shall see about an answer.

Why “The Down on the Farm Studio”?

Our creative studio is on our family farm and “Down on the Farm” is an old, old saying.


What happened to Pics By Lis?

Pics By Lis: The Down on the Farm Studio was the old name of the business. Our business now includes creations by the whole family, so we dropped the first part and kept The Down on the Farm Studio. “Pics By Lis” didn’t cover The Ford Family.

The old website,, now redirects here as well.


Why do you have two YouTube Channels?

In early 2019, we added our second channel to “move” the art videos over from our first channel. The idea was to separate the content and help those looking for certain kinds of videos to find them easier. We refer to our first channel “Ford’s Farm Studio” as our film channel and “The Down on the Farm Studio” as the art channel.

The film channel (Ford’s Farm Studio) will primarily be videos filmed with our Nikon cameras of wildlife, nature, farm life, critters, storms, and so forth and will also have some stories and poems.

The art channel (The Down on the Farm Studio) is more the creation process and behind the scenes, though there are some stories and poems told over there too. We may add some requested tutorials over there as well in the future. To date the majority of the videos of painting process time-lapses set to music or a story poem voiceover.

Why is the url for Ford’s Farm Studio still “picsbylis”?

Unfortunately, in order to change our url to the new name we have to have a minimum of 100 subscribers. Once we reach that goal we will hopefully be able to change the url and get the url for The Down on the Farm Studio channel as well. If you enjoy watching our YouTube videos PLEASE subscribe. Subscribing to channels you like to watch not only shows your the latest videos in your feed and allow you to browse your favorites much easier, it also helps other potential viewers find our content.


Why does Lisa sign her artwork with “Lis”?

Like a certain Hobbit, I (Lisa) have earned a few nicknames over the years, starting with Lis… that is pronounced like “lease” not Liz. For some reason, that one-lettered second syllable is just too much for some folks (ahem David {Lisa’s Dad} and cousin started it).


Why are there watermarks on all your images?

Defense against trolls, orcs, and leeches. Unfortunately thieves run amok and sadly our creative works have been victim of this. As a precaution so, hopefully, if they get through the fort walls this will hinder them some. We have tried to be less distracting with them. Also, if images are shared via social media and whatnot folks will be able to know the source.


May I paint/draw one of your photographs/paintings/drawing?

Short answer: Not without permission, please.

Long Answer: We are the original creators and copyright holders of our content (including photos, drawings, books, poetry, stories, etc). We offer a selection of photos for artists to use as reference photos via If you are interested in an image that is not currently available, please contact us.


May I resell your coloring pages?

No! Coloring pages are meant for personal use and we are the copyright owners. Even if you bought a copy in a book or to print yourself this is not a transfer of that copyright. If you appreciate our original work please keep it original and help support us in creating more. If you see any of our pictures in print or online, not authorized by us, PLEASE let us know.


May I use your image or poem to create a product?

May I use your image/graphic/coloring page as a logo?

Not without prior written permission, please. If you are interested in licensing please contact us. We already create a variety of products and license some works to others.


Why are there two editions of each of Lisa’s Coloring Books?

Each coloring collection is available in both a Right-handed Edition and Left-handed Edition. Colorists know that a book’s binding can hinder your dominant hand from coloring. This way lefties can have the illustration on the left page of a two page spread, putting the binding on the right side of the coloring page. Right-handed books have the image on the right page of a two page spread, putting the binding on the left side of the coloring page. Lisa has been dreaming of publishing coloring book since she was a kid and two versions was always a plan for printed books. This way is the most accessible to everyone because coloring creativity should not be hindered!


What supplies do you to create with?

Please see our Gear List here:


Why do you say “Sheltie Collie”?

Many of our beloved pups have been Sheltie Collies: purebreds or mixes. Sheltie is a nickname for Shetland Sheepdog. However, the traditional name for a Shetland Sheepdog was Shetland Collie and though rare is used in various locations. The nickname for Shetland Collie is Sheltie Collie. It is a common use term, been used for generations.