The Down on the Farm Studio

by the Ford Family

Zebra Day 2019 Digital Painting

Zebra Day 2019 Digital Painting

This Mama and Baby Zebra (Zebra mare and foal) illustration was painted in honor of those dizzyingly adorable equids we all love for Zebra Day 2019.

Each Starlight Safari Illustration is painted for a specific World Wildlife Day, such as International Zebra Day, which is January 31st every year. Research is done about each creature to study their anatomy, young, colors, habitat, and so on. Sometimes the idea is already thought of and sometimes the design just comes out as it is painted. So far the collection usually features at least one baby and one adult.

This illustration was painted in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom Cintiq 13HD and Pro Pen.

Watch the painting process on our YouTube Channel: